Our vision – to be the leading digital banking platform in the MEA region and emerging markets, making financial services seamless and accessible to everyone.

Managing your money doesn’t need to be a tedious job – which is why we’ve simplified it.

Our Story

YAP is PAY backwards – and that’s what we’re here to simplify. Working with RAKBANK, we created a digital banking app that gives everyone financial control. The idea for YAP came to life when a group of like-minded individuals were having dinner and realized how difficult it was to perform a simple online transaction or transfer money digitally – especially for people who depend on them.

Our Values


We've geared up with the latest technology to easily help you make financially intelligent decisions.


Security is our top priority. We are proudly backed by RAKBANK to make sure that your money is kept safe and secure at all times. Learn more about YAP Security.


We know that dealing with money can be frustrating, which is why we made YAP – your personal digital banking app, incredibly easy to use.


Get easy access to all our digital banking products in one place, and make YAP customizable to your needs.


YAP is designed with a user-centered focus - meaning you come first. Personalize YAP in a way that works best for you and track your expenses with ease.


Gain full visibility on your spending via our in-app analytics tool and make financial decisions easier.

Our people

Our team is a group of innovators who envision progressive digital banking, transparency, and financial inclusion. These are the people who make YAP’s values come to life.