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One app for all your digital banking needs. From payments and money
transfers to secure virtual cards and spending analytics that keep an eye
on you and your finances. It's all in the YAP app.

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A vision made for everyone

We aim to be the leading digital banking app in the MEA region and emerging
 markets, making financial services seamless and accessible to everyone.

The backstory

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You can't turn the world of money on its head without being smart about it. YAP is PAY backwards, and our knowledge of the payment industry led us to a clear purpose - to make money simple, seamless, and safe.

YAP was created by Marwan Hachem and Anas Zaidan, so that you no longer need several bank accounts or various apps to handle your finances. In our all in one money app, you can see your spending habits, pay your bills, transfer money locally and internationally, with no minimum balance required.

So, you don't have to stop using your current bank account, you can use YAP alongside, to see what effortless money management feels like. 

Money Independence

Financial control shouldn't chain you to branches or take up all your time. We're working with established and new banks across various regions, to
educate and liberate with simple digital tools that are changing everyone's world for the better.

Meet the team

Marwan Hachem

Founder & Group CEO, YAP Holding


Anas Zaidan

Co-Founder & Managing Director,
YAP Holding, CEO of YAP KSA


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