Introducing Your Newest Innovative Digital Banking App – Welcome to YAP!

What does financial freedom mean to you? To YAP, financial freedom is understanding your finances, how you use them and controlling where it goes. We created YAP to be a digital banking app that brings an innovative solution to users. Take control of your finances in a way that makes you feel free by using our innovative features and tools.

How are we different?

We created YAP to be a transformative digital banking app that is easy to use and accessible to all. We simplified the process that would otherwise be a hassle to do. We did this by focusing on three things: an intelligent user-centered design, transparency, and inclusivity. 🙌

Rather than requesting a lot of your information and paperwork, anyone can create an account within less than 30 seconds. All you need is a mobile number and Emirates ID – simple! After creating your account, your YAP card will be delivered right to your doorstep – saving your time and convenience. While you are waiting for your YAP card to arrive, you can immediately begin using our digital banking app to top up, make money transfers and create virtual cards to shop securely online.

No Minimum Balance or Salary Necessary

We value inclusivity at YAP, so we made sure that anyone can easily open an account with no minimum balance necessary. You don’t need to put in any money or have a minimum salary amount to create your account.

Full Transparency

At YAP, we believe in being fully transparent. We understand how unsettling it can be to see an unexplained charge in your account, which is why we have made sure that while using our digital banking app, everything is crystal clear – no confusing words, rules, or hidden terms.

Stay updated and keep an eye out on our blog for more future posts and updates about YAP, our features, fintech, and more!

Create your account in 30 seconds and welcome financial freedom in your life today. 🎉

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