How can we help you today?

  • What is YAP?

    YAP is a digital banking application with banking services. YAP brings innovative finance solutions to users, making it easier to send, spend and manage your money. You can easily open an account in seconds from your mobile for free, with no minimum balance or salary requirements necessary. Once you create your account with YAP and complete a successful identity verification, YAP will generate an IBAN for you, and deliver a debit card to your doorstep, free of cost.

  • How can I get in touch with YAP?

    We would love to talk! Reach us via:

    • Live chat with us via the YAP app.

  • Where can I use my YAP card?

    Your YAP app can work anywhere in the world; thus, you can use your YAP card (by Mastercard) anywhere that Mastercard is accepted.

  • Where are YAP branches located?

    YAP is a financial technology company, not a bank – this means that we do not have any brick-and-mortar branches. If you have any questions or need help, you can reach out to one of our YAP agents through the app via live chat.

  • How can I invite family and friends to join YAP?

    Lead the digital banking revolution and get the most out of your YAP features – share YAP with your friends! Once you download YAP and get on the queue, you will find a button that allows you to share YAP with your contact list. Make sure to invite your friends, family, or anyone you think you would send money transfers to the most so they can sign up and join the queue ASAP. The faster they get on the queue, the closer they will get their account onboarded. You can share YAP with friends via your unique referral link on SMS or copy and paste.

  • Where is YAP based?

    Our head office in Pakistan is at Lahore.