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Take Control of Your Personal Banking App with YAP’s Card Controls

Master Your Personal Banking App with YAP Card Controls

It would be an understatement to say that keeping your money safe and controlled can be tricky. With almost all of society using a personal banking app, there exist many avenues for people to fall victim to fraud or scams. Keeping your account information and money secure should be one of the most important factors for anyone with a source of income.

YAP wants to help our users have better safety and security when shopping online. With how much society depends on online shopping and subscriptions in our daily lives, online transactional security is a must.

Integrating the ‘Card Control’ feature within the YAP card was one way the development team thought of solving the many problems users have with their cards and financial security. From freezing your card, controlling spending, and locking certain transactions, keep reading to learn more about how you can take total control of your money with our personal banking app and experience a seamless and reliable digital banking experience.

What Card Controls Allows You to Do

One of the many charms of using YAP as a personal banking app is that there are many different ways you can use our intelligent digital banking features to benefit and improve your finances. Like the name, card controls give you a level of control over your card like no other. Once you enter the Card Control feature, you’ll see several control options you can choose from to limit where you can use your card. For example, block in-store, online, international transactions or block your card from withdrawing from ATMs.

The premise of card controls is all about customizing your spending experience while offering you complete security and safety on your money. Two crucial ways that card controls can help benefit you are through providing card security and supporting budgeting and saving.

Using Card Controls for Security

We’ve all been there. You’re out with friends, and once you’re all set to leave, you reach for your card and, it’s not there. Most people’s immediate reaction results in anxiety, stress, and panic as they try to relocate their card. With Card Controls in your personal banking app, never feel anxious or worried about losing your card ever again. Open the YAP app, select Card Controls, and lock your card from all transactions and atm withdrawals in an instant. This way, no one can use your card, and your money stays safe.

Ever look at your card statement and see a foreign transaction? Avoid fraud and scams by using our Card Control feature to block international transactions. Card Controls are not only great for keeping your money secure at all times but super handy when you do travel and want to avoid a stolen card.  

Using a Personal Banking App to Budget and Save with Card Controls

Using Card Controls is more than just an extra measure for security. You can innovatively use our personal banking app, YAP, in powerful and intelligent ways. Not only can you limit and personalize how you use your card, but you can also control your spending. Choose to set limits on where your card can be used and spent and stop yourself from online impulse buys (No judgements – we all do it), or when you choose to stop spending for the day when out shopping with friends. Freezing transactions from being spent on your phone can help remind you and block you from spending more than you should – especially when you want to budget or save up for something big!

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