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  • How secure is YAP?

    Not only is your YAP digital banking account secured by a PIN code, but all cards come with a secure chip* Transaction made in-app or online will be confirmed by an OTP sent to your registered mobile number. This way, YAP prevents any unauthorized payments from taking place.

    *The embedded chip in your card stores information in a secured and encrypted format, making it difficult for unauthorized users to copy or gain access to it.

  • How can I keep my account safe and secure?

    You can keep your YAP digital banking account safe by regularly changing your passcode and keeping your account details confidential. Never share your passcode or PIN with anyone. We recommend that you update your passcode every few months as an added security measure. You should not allow anyone else to use your card on your behalf.

  • Can someone else use my YAP card?

    Someone else may use your card if they know your PIN. However, to protect yourself from unauthorized use or criminal activity, we strongly recommend keeping your PIN private. Please note, we do not send out a printed PIN at the time of card delivery.

  • Who has access to my personal information?

    We value your privacy and will only use as little as possible when it is required to process a successful transaction or enhance your experiences on the app. All information regarding how we collect, share and secure your info can be found in our Privacy Policy.

  • Someone stole my phone, is my information compromised?

    If you lost your phone, please contact our customer support team at 600521451 immediately.

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