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  • Why is my passcode not being accepted?

    Make sure that your passcode is a 4-to-6-digit unique combination of numbers. We recommend you change your YAP digital banking password once in a while for optimal security of your account. If you happen to forget your passcode, you can recover and update it with the forgot passcode option.

  • Can I use my fingerprint instead of a passcode?

    Yes, you can set up Touch ID (and Face ID) while signing into our digital banking app, or through your profile section. Please ensure that you have enabled the fingerprint option on your device. You can find this option in your phone settings.

  • Do I need to take a selfie to get an account with YAP?

    You are not required to upload or take a selfie to create your account with YAP. However, we recommend uploading a profile picture in your account settings to personalize your in-app experience even more!

  • How do I change any incorrect details?

    The details captured from when you create your account are received from your Emirates ID or from the information you entered. If these details are incorrect, you can change them through your profile account settings section in-app or rescan your Emirates ID.

  • Is YAP available on desktop?

    YAP is only available on mobile devices (for now).

  • Can I use the YAP app on multiple devices?

    Yes. You can use YAP on multiple devices, but verification codes only send to the mobile number you first registered with. Make sure to log out from the app if you use another device.

  • How do I retrieve my username?

    Your YAP username is the email address or mobile number that you first registered with. If you have changed your details, update them in-app or call us at 600551214, and our customer service team can update it for you.

  • How do I reset my passcode?

    If you have forgotten your passcode, you can reset it through the forgot passcode option.

  • I am unable to sign in with my email address.

    Have you previously registered with YAP under that email address? Or, is your email linked to a mobile number used to sign up with YAP? If so, try to log in. If you have forgotten your login, reset your passcode with the forgot passcode option.

  • I am unable to sign in with my mobile number.

    Have you previously registered with YAP under that mobile number? If so, try to log in instead.

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