use mobile banking to pay bills

Use mobile banking to pay your bills with YAP!

Simplify the way you pay your bills with YAPs newest mobile banking feature, bill pay! 

Now you can add, manage, analyze and pay all your bills all at once, through our mobile banking app, with just a touch of a button.

Add Your Bills

To add a bill, select YAP it from your dashboard, press on the Bill Pay feature, and then Add Bill. Fill in your account number details and add each bill to a category. Enjoy the convenience of mobile banking and forget about adding any extra information. YAP will connect with your billing account provider and fill in the rest for you – saving you more time and effort.

Categorize and Pay Your Bills All Through Mobile Banking 

Name and categorize your bills to make it easier to understand where your money goes. Explore your payments individually or by group category. Review your recent invoices, payments due soon or overdue bills.  

You can then pay your bills separately or all at once – all through our mobile banking app, saving you considerable time and effort.

Spend Analytics

YAPs mobile banking app combines our Spend analytics feature to let you see how much you have spent in total on a specific billing account or by bill category, helping you manage your money effortlessly.

Download YAP and use our mobile banking app to manage your bills and payments today.

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